Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baseball, Family Time, and A Little Getaway

God has recently opened some pretty cool doors for our family. 

And, through an interesting set of circumstances, He lead us to have Caleb try out for a local Major travel baseball team. 

And, he made the team! 

We love the coaches and their focus on fundamentals and relevant training, we're meeting some great families, and we're having such fun watching our son play baseball this Fall.

This past weekend, Caleb had the opportunity to play a tournament at the Cal Ripken field in Myrtle Beach, SC.  It's a fantastic facility and definitely worth the experience to play a few games there.   Each field is constructed of synthetic turf and is designed to replicate a legendary professional ballpark.  A sign at each field gives a brief history lesson pertaining to that particular field.  Pretty neat. added perk of our weekend was that we were able to visit with my brother, sister-in-love, and my two precious nephews!!  They live in NC, and we usually only see them once or twice a year.  Oh, how I miss them and wish we lived closer!  It was wonderful to watch the games with them and enjoy some much needed family time.

Our nephew, Jake (age 6), with Isaiah (age 7).  They are such little buddies and were both thrilled about the unexpected time together.  They both decided to wear their matching "Double Trouble" t-shirts on Saturday.  Very appropriate! ;)

Eva being a "little momma" to Kedesh and our 2 yr. old nephew, Jasper.

Is he not the cutest?!?!  It was wonderful to love on this little guy for a bit.  He's grown so much since we last saw him.  He and Kedesh played and shared cheesy goldfish.  I loved how Jasper would sneak away and make his way into the dugout or on the field (yikes!) before we knew it.  I have a feeling he might be a ball player one day!

Naturally, I took tons of pictures at the games (I usually do!), and also grabbed some shots of our littlest ones playing on the beach for about an hour late Saturday afternoon.  (Naturally, Gregg and the older boys stayed in the hotel watching the Clemson v. Syracuse football game.)

Posted Tournament Info Sheet

 #5 On Deck

Running in for a score

One of "Blub-Blub's" biggest fans

She loved getting as close to her brother as she could :)

A hit!


Kedesh is what we call "K.O.ed" (i.e. Knocked Out!)

Caleb did fantastic playing behind the plate on Saturday

Behind the plate again on Sunday

Just couldn't keep my camera lens from migrating back to my littlest darling

I love the sound of the ocean and just couldn't resist feeling the ocean breeze on my face and the opportunity to watch my little ones enjoy playing on the beach - something they VERY RARELY do.  (We normally migrate toward the mountains - Gregg can't stand the salt and sand! )

Overall, the baseball tournament didn't fair as well as we might have hoped, but we were very proud of Caleb and his team. 

It's not really about winning (although, it's really nice when you do!).  It's about learning, and character, and developing as a baseball player and a young man.  Baseball is a very mental game...and sometimes 14 year old players have to battle emotionally as well as physically. 

Above all else, we couldn't be more proud of the character Caleb displays on and off the field.  He is also developing athletically, and we are excited to see continued progress.  We can hardly wait to see what God has in store for him in the coming years!

Thank you, Lord, for baseball, family time, and a little getaway.



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