Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Monday, September 10, 2012


After a crazy, busy weekend, and 14 things running through my mind that NEED to be finished this week, I've come to the realization that I NEED AT LEAST FOUR OF ME!

I'm having a little trouble balancing things.  I have:

1.  A husband that needs a wife to love and cherish him...

2.  Eight children that all need something constantly... (5 of whom I am currently the primary person responsible for their formal education)

3.  A family member that doesn't understand NOT to call at 10:15 on a Monday morning b/c I AM TRYING TO HOMESCHOOL...(and, when I don't answer my cell phone (there's a reason), that doesn't mean you call the house phone to disrupt the kids, too!)

4.  Friends I am burdened to pray for and who need to know that I really do care...

5.  Church ministries that need attending to...

6.  A small home-based business to maintain...

7.  Laundry, laundry, endless mound of laundry...

8.  3 meals/day to plan, prepare, and cook - for a family of  10...(Actually my hubby gets breakfast, so I can't take credit for that one.  Have I mentioned I love my man?)

9.  Children's clothes to sort for the upcoming season...

The list feels overwhelming today.  Like I have a jar of marbles spinning randomly in my head and I just need to get them spinning in sync so I can start knocking them out one by one.

Some days aren't like this...but many days are.  I literally never stop.  Even when I try, my mind is going over all the things I should be doing!  I wonder why God has entrusted me with this life. 

Doesn't He know that I'm not as calm as I want to be? 

Doesn't He see how disorganized I'm becoming?  (When I was younger, I didn't misplace it happens all the time!)

Doesn't He know how much I want to sit and just snuggle with my little ones before they are grown?

I know, I know...

I CHOSE this life.  I CHOSE to have a "whole baseball team of children".  I CHOSE to be obedient to God's calling on my life.

If a woman with 2 children complains about how hectic life "with 2" is, society considers it acceptable.  If a woman with 8 children complains about how hectic life "with 8" is, society considers it a result of a "lack of responsible use of birth control." 

So, I often feel like I'm supposed to smile and talk about how wonderful everything is. 

How the kids never argue and always help, how my newest made-up casserole recipe isn't a disgusting flop, how my closets and drawers always stay neat and I never lose my temper and always talk in quiet tones (b/c children really do listen better when we whisper), how our latest homeschool project is encouraging my children to pursue a successful career in astrophysics...

You get the picture.

The truth is, I don't mind working hard.  I love being a wife.  I love being a mother to many.  I love homeschooling.  I don't really mind laundry so much, either.  I like to organize.  I love my friends and ministering to others.  Cooking is okay, too. (Except I get tired of my own cooking, and Gregg cooks better than me. He always disagrees, but I know better :) )

So, I guess today is just one of those days...and I wanted to share it.  Because I read a few blogs and they sometimes depress me.  They have beautiful profile pictures, perfect children, handmade curtains in every room, the latest homeschool project/trip to share, Godly wisdom, perfect photography - life is so good there. 

Life isn't always good here.  I get frustrated.  I doubt my decisions.  I wonder "What in the world was I thinking??"  I think, "I want to get in the van and ride away for a day or two - BY MYSELF."

I don't have it all together...and it frustrates me!  I lose my temper when my very strong-willed 6 year old has pushed every one of my buttons - at least 3 times - by 9am!  I hide in the bathroom and cry.  I ask God "why?" 

And, then He reminds me that I don't really need four of me after all.  I only need one of me...and one of Him.

Now, if I would just remember that...listen...and trust Him.

Easier said than done.

In the meantime...anybody know a lonely widow who is looking for a crazy woman with 8 kids to visit on occasion?  A lady who would genuinely love to sit down and read books to my kids.  A lady who might actually LIKE being a regular part of my insane life?  Who would instinctively look around and know exactly what I need her to do?

I'm taking resumes...for an older, and much wiser, version of me...

Someone who will work for 2 yr. old hugs, and 1 yr. old wiggles and giggles, and sharing dreams with a  14 year old.

Know any takers?

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  1. Thanks for sharing...for being real. But, of course, that is who you are. I needed a little encouragment today and God, in His providence, led me to you. Why am I not surprised that I found the encouragement I needed here, with you?! You are amazing and I love you my friend!!

    Oh, and I'd sign up any day to add my kids to the mix and spend a crazy day with you and your family.