Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Sunday, September 2, 2012

And I Needed That

God did something kinda neat this past Thursday.

We were able to buy a "new" table for our kitchen! 

Our current one was over 35 years old, rickety, and we refer to the 4 remaining chairs as "the chairs of faith", b/c you aren't really sure how much longer they might hold you up!!  They've been glued, nailed, and repaired in unsightly ways over the past few years. 

The other 2 original chairs had been deemed "unrepairable" which, if you know our family personally, is a pretty big statement!

We use it mostly for schoolwork or snack times, but as our family has expanded, and we have friends over, we were needing something a little better.

I mean, who wants your guests collapsing on the floor onto a pile of chair parts??

Not me.

So, I found this great table on Craigslist for just $75. Good condition, sturdy, 6 chairs. Needed a little paint here and there, but I love it! 

Finishing up painting all the "white parts"
The new table set up in our kitchen

But, you know the neatest thing about purchasing the table??

When I showed up to get it, this husband and wife were relocating to another state. They had most of their things packed already, except a handmade, wooden cross that hung on the wall. When I commented on it, the man told me that he had made it himself and insisted that I take it with me.

Tommy is a believer, and it's always amazing to me how a person you've never met can connect with you instantly b/c you share the same belief in Jesus Christ.

The cross is rustic - just a couple of beat up 1 x 4 boards stained and glued together. But, I couldn't get over this overwhelming feeling that God was trying to remind me just how much He loves me.

And I needed that.

Cross hung on the wall in the den
"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so..." AND because He keeps sending me these little reminders along life's journey

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  1. I love the cross; I think it will always be a special treasure! I can't wait to come visit and have our kids gathered around your new table!!