Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Someone Else "Gets" Me

God always knows when I've been feeling down...misunderstood...alone. (Yes, with 9 kids, you CAN still FEEL "alone.")

He knows when I've been running around constantly...always more to do...feeling like I'm time to stop.

He knows when I'm longing for adult conversation, mom-to-mom...longing to connect with someone who "gets" my crazy life...longing to laugh...longing to rest.

Today a friend came to visit.  She has 5 children of her own, she gets a very rare day alone, and she CHOOSES to drive 2 hours to visit with ME.

Yes...I am absolutely humbled...and beyond grateful!  God knew I needed to see her.  I think God knew she needed to see me, too.

In 18 years, we have been able to visit with each other only 3 other times.  And, today, we picked up our conversation as if we have always been together.

There was nothing extraordinary about our visit.  Chatting, walking around the yard, lunch, swinging on the front porch...a beautiful, perfect Spring day.

We walked through old memories and laughed about new ones.

We spoke of our husbands' strengths and God's perfect provisions in our lives.

My older children took care of my younger children and basically kept to themselves most of the afternoon.  I really think they sensed how much I needed this day.  The kids actually commented that I "looked like a kid in a candy store" when my friend arrived.  Was my excitement THAT obvious!?!?!  What a blessing their obedience and helpfulness was to me today!!

I didn't do laundry, or cook lunch, or sweep the floor, or pour a drink, or even change a diaper while she was here.  I just visited!  


I hated to see her leave.

And, after she left, I thought of a dozen things I wanted to ask about her life...and so many things I wanted to share with her about mine.  I'm hoping we can arrange another visit in the next few months.

But, I'm thanking God this evening for a special day today.

I'm thanking Him for working out all the crazy details of putting two very busy moms together for a day - with very few interruptions.

I'm thanking Him for using my friend to remind me that He is with me and He understands my desires and needs, even when I may not feel like it...

I'm thanking God for using Marcy to remind me that, although my life isn't "normal", SOMEONE ELSE ACTUALLY "GETS" ME.

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