Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Beginnings of a Solar System Model

It was the perfect day to start work on our model of the solar system.   My younger kids are all studying Astronomy this year.  Soooo much fun!  Seriously.  It's going to be great - I hope.

I admit it...I don't do well when it comes to little people and PAINT...or little people and CRAFTS for that matter.  I want to stand over them and tell them EXACTLY what to do - what colors, what brush strokes to use, what materials they need, and how we need to put it all together JUST RIGHT.

And, when it turns out not-as-neat as it could've, it stresses me out!

But, 9 kids has a way of teaching you to let go of some of the CONTROL FREAK in you.  At least I feel like I'm getting better at it. 

I'm trying.  I really am.

So, today, we went outside and started painting our sun and planets. ( our faded bathing suits...on a plastic-covered table...b/c, did I mention that I don't do well with kids and craft paint??)

Sometime between yesterday afternoon and today, we managed to lose Uranus.  Have NO IDEA how that styro ball disappeared!  One of the kids probably ate it.  We'll try to replace it the next time we make a run to the store...or maybe we'll just pretend Uranus just got catapulted out of our Solar System all together!  ;)

They managed to use an exorbitant amount of orange paint - even for a star as big as the sun.  But, hey, I love the color orange - so it's all good.

Jupiter turned out red with black stripes.  Cool.  Different...but definitely cool, right?

All in all,  they did very well - AND they had a blast.

They can even tell you where the missing Uranus is supposed to go in the order of things. 

Success. :)

Hopefully, we'll finish putting it together tomorrow.  (minus Uranus, of course) 

It's gonna be great...just wait and see!

Oh, how I LOVE Kedesh's face here!! Didn't even know
I captured that look until I was going through the photos afterwards. :)
She really did have fun - promise!

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