Family PIc April 2015

Family PIc April 2015

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome, Summer!!

Yep...CRAZY summer!! 

We finished school in mid-May, and I had great expectations of getting lots of organizing done and spending lots of time with my sweet kids in the pool.  

Not to mention, I was going to blog every day - bahahahaha!!

Instead, we had lots of running, unforeseen obligations, washing machine trouble, van trouble, and LOTS and LOTS of baseball practices/games. 

In addition, first trimester pregnancy nausea and fatigue seemed to wipe me out!! (I'm still waiting on that 2nd trimester "energy surge"...I NEED it badly!!)

So, May and June whirred by in a blur...and, then, FINALLY July brought with it a little more calm and some much-needed down time.

A couple of weeks ago, Gregg and I went outside to sit on the deck and watch the kids play in the pool...

And this is what we saw:

Somehow, this marked the true beginning of summer vacation for me.  :) 
You know...CAREFREE!?!?!
So...I did what any good mother - and budding photographer - would do...I grabbed my camera!


I won't say how many of my kids were found swimming in the buff, but I will say our daughter was NOT one of them.  At least she understands the importance of modesty!  :)
Here's to what's left of summer fun!!
Welcome, Summer!! It's SO good to finally see you!! 


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